Boffi Studio Manila Provides A Modern And Innovative Home Design

Boffi Studio Manila Provides A Modern And Innovative Home Design

Boffi Studio Manila is where classic and modern coalesce. Since ADL joined the Boffi Group in 2019, they considered producing beyond furniture and fixtures and started providing innovative interior partition solutions that elevate the home. As the first kitchen manufacturer to receive the Compasso d'Oro alla carriera ("Golden Compass for career") award, Boffi has created customisable pieces that meet the needs of its sophisticated audience. They combine traditional Italian craftsmanship and the latest technology to do so. Boffi was also the first brand to introduce pieces designed alongside renowned designers like Patricia Urquiola who created the Salinas, Norbert Wangen who designed the K14 and Piero Lissoni who made the Combine kitchen. With the help of their creative minds and led by Creative Director Piero Lissoni, Boffi has produced Xila, the first handle-less kitchen in Italy designed by Luigi Massoni, Mini-Kitchen, and K2 Outdoor kitchen with sliding steel worktops.

Italian designer Massimo Luca's visionary project, ADL, produces cutting-edge interior partitions and door systems that are made to connect spaces instead of divide. ADL's belief that design and technology can coexist has helped the brand create designs that emphasise modern structure and functionality. Their effort in minimising the impact of industrial activities on nature is also quite notable. While the products are composed of recyclable materials, it is impressively long-lasting. Highlighting the endless design potentials of aluminium and glass, ADL has produced 14 dynamic collections which explore the combination of various materials and finishes to create doors that are custom-made—all to cater to its diverse and changing market. Each door is also customisable to fit the architect's vision, which makes it stand out from ready-made doors.

The Mitica collection, which is coveted for its meticulous aesthetics, is available in a range of openings from sliding inside the wall, sliding with synchronised drag, swing to folding. The minimal aesthetics of the Quadra collection is equally impressive. The door frame is designed for large panels to create moving walls. It can open in two ways: by slide or pivot hinge. The Line collection boasts of a central glass pane with various aluminium crosspieces on both sides. It's also customisable which allows different aesthetic configurations to match your stylistic vision. It also has various opening types to choose from.

In 2015, Boffi found its Philippine home when Focus Global Inc., the brand's official Philippine distributor, opened the Boffi Studio Manila at the Residences, Greenbelt which now houses both Boffi and ADL. Here you'll find standouts including Boffi’s Xila, Aprile, and K14 kitchen systems which are coveted for their revolutionary technical design and state-of-the-art materials. There are also classic pieces like the Wood-In bathroom system, Antibes wardrobe system, Brompton, and Upper Boiserie systems which showcase Boffi's expertise in building design and shelving solutions for the different parts of your home. ADL's door systems that are versatile and known for their technical rigour and minimalist aesthetic are also displayed in the showroom.

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Boffi Studio Manila Provides A Modern And Innovative Home Design

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