Architect Edwin Uy Reshapes Kitchen Spaces with Boffi

Edwin Uy, an Architect of EUDO, known for pushing boundaries and seamlessly blending lifestyle with aesthetics, recently collaborated with Boffi to transform his client’s kitchen into a haven of modern Italian functionality and style. This is the premise of “A Boffi Way of Living,” which delves into the design philosophy and creative process of an Architect or Designer with their Boffi project.

"In designing a kitchen, getting to know the client is important," Uy emphasizes in the video. "To me, great design is a balance between lifestyle and aesthetics." Understanding his client's desire for a family-friendly kitchen that exuded quality time without compromising aesthetics, Uy identified the need for a modern, open-plan layout and a central island, which was initially deemed challenging due to space constraints.
"In my two decades of practice, I've never seen myself as just an architect," Uy declares. “I lean towards being a designer that is driven by authenticity which delves into experimentation, craftsmanship and critical regionalism.” True to his word, Uy embarked on a creative journey, embracing collaboration and innovation for his clients.

Because of his proclivity to bold design choices, Uy opted to deconstruct the existing walls in the condo to let new possibilities present themselves. This strategy, coupled with the client’s desire for an open plan, resulted in a modern, more spacious layout that visually connected the kitchen to dining and living areas.
"My client really wanted an island for the kitchen but the existing space was too small," Uy recalls. "At first, I thought it was impossible, but by removing one side of the wall extending towards the dining room and working with Boffi, we were able to achieve this." Through strategic space utilization and the versatility of Boffi's design systems, Uy's vision came to life.

Before and after

While the general direction was rooted in the client's preferences, the inclusion of Boffi's design took it to new heights," Uy highlights. "When I conceptualize kitchens, I look at what Boffi has to offer as they collaborate with great designers and some specific design elements I wish to incorporate with my outlook"

"What makes Boffi interesting is its versatility — it allows me to blend elements from different design styles," Uy shares. He seamlessly combined Boffi's Xila and K14 systems, creating a space that transcended conventional boundaries and resonated with the client's personality.

The Xila Kitchen is a modular kitchen system designed by Luigi Massoni in 1972, recognized among the masterpieces of Italian design as the first kitchen available without a handle.

The K14 kitchen by Norbert Wangen for Boffi features handleless modular units and a distinctive 30° beveled edge for easy opening. Its aluminum structure supports large, overhanging worktops angled at 45°, giving a floating effect.

This marks the third kitchen design collaboration between Uy and his client, a testament to their shared vision. Her consistent preference for clean, simple aesthetics, infused with subtle details, shines through in the final design. The result is a perfect marriage of functionality, personality, and timeless elegance.

Uy's dedication to exceptional design is evident in every detail, particularly the beveled edge of the island counter. He explains, "I really wanted to use this detail for this kitchen. It makes the island float somehow, visually reducing its mass and making it less obtrusive." This thoughtful touch underscores Uy's commitment to both form and function.

"A Boffi Way of Living" with Edwin Uy offers a compelling glimpse into the transformative power of collaboration and innovation. By embracing the versatility of Boffi's design systems and prioritizing the client's vision, Uy transcended the limitations of a compact space, crafting a kitchen that seamlessly blended functionality with timeless style.
In 2024, Boffi celebrates its 90th anniversary in the world of kitchen design excellence. Schedule a personal tour at Boffi Studio Manila at The Residences at Greenbelt or request for a quotation by answering the form below.